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Online Workshop

Be refreshed, refilled, & renewed for the next step on your journey.

What has your path looked like lately?

If I’m being honest, the past couple of years haven’t looked anything like I planned. I think most of us feel that way.

I don’t know what your path has been like, but I do know this: God knows exactly where you are. He has not lost sight of you.

If you could use some help seeing your path with fresh eyes, you’re in the right place.

In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to:

Reflect honestly on your path.

Is God calling you to something new or inviting you to see something in a new way?

Let go of old baggage.

Are you ready to leave behind some of the stuff that’s been weighing you down?

Identify new dreams with God.

What are some of your hopes for the path ahead?

What’s Included:

  • 6+ Short Videos
  • Downloadable Booklet with 20+ pages of worksheets + journaling pages
  • Exercises & Activities for you to do at your own pace
  • Plus tons of inspiration + eye candy to help you visualize your path

This workshop was designed for you if:

Your current path has been difficult, confusing, or unsatisfying.
You’ve been so busy caring for everyone else that you’ve had a hard time listening for God’s voice.
You’d like to be refreshed and refilled, so you’re pouring from an overflowing cup.

I originally created this content for my friends at Westminster Chapel in WA, and I’m delighted to be able to share it with you in this free, self-paced workshop.

Workshop is open!

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